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Sweet Pines Alpacas



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Carol retired in 2008 after 35 years of work in laboratory computer systems and is now a full-time alpaca rancher.
Bob has worked as an auto & RV mechanic for as long as he can remember. For over 20 years he has owned and operated his own shop. He unfortunately has not as yet been able to join Carol in the beautiful state of Idaho. He is still living in California and keeping the automotive business going.
The vision of the future started in 1999 with the purchase of our first alpaca. Slowly our herd grew first in California, then in Colorado. It wasn't until October of 2005 that our daughter Brandy was able to bring them home to our property in Craigmont, Idaho. By 2008 our herd had almost tripled in size. At that point Brandy and Carol decided the hobby was now in the past and “Sweet Pines Alpacas” business began.
And here we are in 2011 with many animals besides alpacas including 2 beautiful horses and several entertaining chickens. Carol is thrilled to embark on this adventure in Idaho with a few less people, a few less buildings, and a much closer connection with nature.
Brandy and the dogs
Brandy and Bob shearing
Brandy, Maks, and Monty

Carol, Maks, and Monty
Bryan and Grandma Vernay
Bob, Brandy and our Alpacas
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