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Sweet Pines Alpacas

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Fall FiberArts Fest 2020

Come play with us on the Camas Prairie!

September 12th & 13th, 2020






Last Year's Schedule - So Much Fun!

September 28th & 29th, 2019







Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am and 2pm.

Learn the basics of needle felting using alpaca and wool. Go home with a decorated mug rug. No need to sign up, just show up. Cost: $10



Join our spinning circle on SATURDAY afternoon. Bring your spinning wheel, etc. We welcome all levels of experience to our venue. This is a great opportunity to impart or expand your knowledge.


Lunches are served buffet style both days at noon. Gluten free and vegetarian options available. $7



Bring your spinning wheel and join our SPIN-IN with spinning instructor Cathy Dye. Participants are welcome anytime between 1pm and 4pm. Past year participants have found help with challenges specific to their skill level or project during this time.   Cost: FREE


8:30am-12pm - Beginning Knitting

Instructor: Sue Marchese

Learn and enhance your skills on the basics of knitting - casting on and off, knit and pearl - and you'll be on your way to enjoying a popular fiber arts skill.  Start a simple project in class and finish it beautifully with knowledge and skill.  No experience necessary. 

Scrap yarn & lender needles available (or bring your own).  Cost: $30

8:30am-12pm - Beginning Spindle

Instructor: Cathy Dye

You will learn all the basics including: why and how spinning works, how to prepare the fiber for spinning, how to add new fiber to the yarn, how to remove the yarn from the spindle, and finally how to ply. Class participants will have a chance to try out top whorl, bottom whorl and turkish drop spindles as well as the Navajo style hip spindle. We will start with wool and move on to alpaca and silk hankies. You will also be introduced to hand cards and wool combs. Students will go home with their own new drop spindle and fiber to spin.

All materials provided.   Cost: $45

1-5pm - Knit a Cowl

Instructor: Sue Marchese

Stay warm and cozy all winter long with a stylish cowl. Choose a lightweight or a more bulky beautiful easy cowl pattern. Both are perfect for someone who has just a bit of knitting under their belt. Sue will lead you through the pattern with options to make it just the way you want it. Difficulty - Beginning intermediate.

Materials needed: Size 9 circular needles (24") and 1 skein (200 yds) light to medium weight yarn for a lighter cowl, OR size 16 needles and bulky yarn for a heavier cowl. Both can be done with circular needles or 4 regular needles. Bring your own supplies from home or needles and yarn will be available for purchase at our ranch store (not included in price).

Cost: $30

1:30pm-4:40pm - Zoom Loom

Instructors: Carol Vernay

Join in the fun of learning the increasingly popular Zoom Loom.  This little loom can lend itself to an endless number of projects, is travel friendly, and each square takes only minutes to create.  During the class you will learn to warp and weave your loom using alpaca yarn. You will go home with your Schacht Zoom Loom, 3 finished creations, and plenty of inspiration for future projects.

All materials provided.   Cost: $45

1:30-5pm - Nuno-Felted Scarf - FULL

Instructor: Cindy Greer

Get ready for pure magic when you design and roll soft, scrumptious alpaca fiber/merino wool and airy silk gauze to create wearable art in the form of a nuno felted scarf. You'll be dazzled by your inner artist.

All materials provided.   Cost: $45

This is class is FULL for 2019.


9am-12pm: Plying on a Wheel

Instructor: Cathy Dye

Plying is the act of spinning two or more strands of yarn together to create a new, stronger yarn. We will focus on making a two ply yarn. As time allows we will examine and try chain plying, three and more strand plying and some of the concepts of art yarn.

Materials needed: Bring your spinning wheel, a lazy Kate and two bobbins of single spun yarn or two balls or a large center pull ball of single spun yarn. Be sure to bring an empty bobbin as well.

Cost: $30

9am-2pm - Knit Fingerless Gloves

Instructor: Sue Marchese

These fingerless gloves are cute and handy! Learn a pattern that allows for some flexibility and has delightful appeal using 4 needles. Intermediate knitting skills necessary for this class.

Materials needed: needles & yarn (please contact us for specifics) Cost: $45


10am-4pm - Learn to Weave Using a Rigid Heddle Loom

Instructor: Carol Casavant

Interested in learning how fabric is woven together?  Give weaving a try with an accomplished weaver leading the way!  You will work on a rigid heddle loom (an easy to prep, quite versatile, and portable loom) gaining knowledge & skills that are applicable to any loom.  Looms are available for purchase or rent for an additional fee, but PLEASE let us know in advance. If you have your own loom, be sure to bring it if possible!

Cost: $55

Option A: Purchase a new 10" Cricket Loom (Cost: +$145) or 15" Cricket Loom (Cost: +$170)

Option B: Rent a Cricket Loom    Cost: +$20 (may be applied toward purchase of a loom)

Option C: Bring your own loom

**Please register for this class by September 9th and let us know if you need to rent or purchase a loom.**


1-3:30pm - Combing & Carding

Instructor: Cathy Dye

Learn how to use hand cards, wool combs, mat breakers and dog brushes to get your fiber ready to spin. We will create rolags, planks, and pulled slivers or tops for various styles of yarn, along with color blending.

Materials needed: Bring your hand cards or wool combs. Raw wool and alpaca will be provided. Please contact us prior to the event to purchase or borrow equipment. Cost: $40


*All materials not already provided are available for purchase at Sweet Pines Alpacas' Alpaca Boutique.


  Spin     Knit






8:30 to Noon Beg. Spindle

1-4pm Spinning Circle


8:30 to Noon      Beg. Knitting

1-5pm Easy Cowl


10:30am & 2pm Needle Felting

1:30 to 5pm Nuno Felt


 1:30-4:40pm  Zoom Loom





 1-3:30pm Combing & Carding



9am to noon Plying on a Wheel




9am-3pm Fingerless Gloves (Intermed.)


10:30am & 2pm Needle Felting  

10:00 to 4:00 Rigid Heddle Loom



Updated June 16, 2020